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Because I have the privilege of doing what I love every day


Interview Total Regional Berlin 2022

About me


As the fifth child of a German family, I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As a teenager, I was drawn back to the homeland of my ancestors and decided to move to Munich in 1984. Although I have always had a special love for art and craft, I initially chose to study tourism and worked for the German Foundation for International Development  (DSE) for 10 years. There I specialized in the further training of specialists and executives from Asia, Africa, and South America.

After we moved to Berlin with my family in 2002 and explored new avenues professionally, I discovered my love for clay through coincidence during a ceramics course. This awakened my original creativity and love for art, which is why I decided to redesign my life  in this direction completely. The passion never left me, and since then, I have completed numerous national and international training courses; among others, advanced seminars with the sculptor Werner Haderer and workshops with established ceramists such as Peter Klube, Karin Bablok, Pietro Elia Maddalena, Rick Hensley, Fritz Rossmann, and Orietta Mengucci.

I have been running my own studio since 2012, where my works are created and exhibited. In addition, I offer courses in which knowledge, experience, and a very well-equipped workshop enable individual work. I'm also regularly at art and ceramics markets (including Kunsthand Berlin, Rheinsberg Ceramics Market, Chorin Monastery, POTS & BLITZ Vienna).

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